Camino de Santiago 2019

Here you can find a gallery of photos and a short report of our walk along the Camino de Santiago from Vigo to Santiago de Compostela and then to Finisterra.

Day 1 – Cíes Islands

We started the trip with a visit to Cíes Islands, which is not part of the Camino, but it does provide great interest for people interested in exploring this place of unique beauty in the Atlantic ocean near the Western coast of Galícia.

Day 2 – Starting the Way

The official start of El Camino was on the 2nd day of the trip. After coming out of Vigo we walked along Senda de Traída das Aguas, with the best views from El Mejor Banco del Mundo (best park bench in the world) lookout point, overlooking Puente de Rande and the bay of Vigo.

Day 3 – Arriving in Pontevedra

On the third day we walked from Redondela to Pontevedra taking the trail along río Gafas in the final quarter of the day’s walk. In the afternoon we explored the magnificent old town of Pontevedra, with many medieval streets and several cathedrals and churches.

Day 4 – First Long Stage

That day we took a detour from the main Portuguese Way and walked along Variante Espiritual, passing by Armenteira monastery and taking another fluvial trail – Senda da Pedra y de Agua.

Day 5 – First Rainy Day

It was time to find out what Galícian weather is like with a significant drop in temperatures and some rain during the day. Thankfully the rain stopped in the afternoon and since we returned to the coast we were able to warm back up and even go for a swim in Ría de Arousa.

Day 6 – Taking the Boat and Visiting Padrón

Luckily, there was no rain on the day we took the boat along the only fluvial vía crucis in the world, while learning about bateas (mussel, oyster and scallop beds), contemplating the crosses along the river path and even spotting a viking.

Day 7 – Arriving in Santiago

The morning of the arrival to Cathedral day was also accompanied by water falling from the sky, but a stop to dry out/get warm helped to lift our spirits and arrive in Santiago. This day we have also witnessed and felt the amount of people that are actually walking the path every day.

Day 8 – Heading to Fisterra

However, our trip did not end in Santiago and it was time to pack the bag and hit the road again, heading to Finisterra – the end of the World. Before arriving to Negreira we have also crossed a very beautiful bridge in Ponte Maceira, overlooking some cascades in río Tambre.

Day 9 – The Strangest Weather

Not sure if this is typical Galícian weather, but I have never seen a day like this: the weather was mostly cloudy, the suddenly it starts drizzling, turning into proper rain. You put a raincoat on, but 3 minutes later the sun is shining. Walk for 45 minutes, drizzle starts again. Repeat 6 or 7 times a day. Easily handled with proper equipment though.

Day 10 – Return to the Ocean

After spending several days inland, it was time to return to the coast. And what a return that was! The views opening up near the village of Cee are simply breathtaking. Not only that, but you also get a glimpse of the Fisterra lighthouse – the end route.
In the evening we also took the opportunity to visit Fervenza de Ézaro waterfall, which was quite near the town we stayed in.

Day 11 – The End of the Way

Por fin! The Finisterra lighthouse, km 0.0 has been reached. Nice views along the way as well, walking along the coast and even on the beach most of the day.

2 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago 2019

  1. With a little delay, but still huge thanks to Dmitry for organising this beautiful “Camino” for us. We got a chance to enjoy the process as a group/team of some sort and at the same time, there was a balance of just the right amount of solitude that is an essential part of the Camino de Santiago. There were fascinating views and constant sensation of an adventure – you never know what awaits you today and how Galicia will surprise you 🙂
    What comes to Dmitry’s approach – he kept offering something extra on the regular basis, like mini detours to the bench with the most beautiful view (El Mejor Banco del Mundo) or beautiful waterfalls (Fervenza de Ézaro). We were very international group, nevertheless, Dmitry managed to be there for everyone. Cannot wait for the next adventures with Dmitry and highly suggest to all who are in doubt to catch on to the opportunity to travel with Dmitry.

  2. Thanks to everyone who participated! The Camino was nice and interesting, I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for your company and support on the way. And thank you Dmitry for organizing it. Hope to see everyone of you again.
    Big hug!

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