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A list of some really nice and easy hikes to do with kids in Valencian Community. All of the routes are within an hour of driving from the capital, and it is possible to extend each one of them to a longer hike, if necessary.

Sot de Chera – Paseo Fluvial

This hiking route is marked as PN-3 or Sendero del río Sot (Blue Route). It is ideal as an excursion to do with children, because we will hardly ever get away from the village centre of Sot de Chera, it is of low difficulty, has a low elevation gain and offers the charm of going along the river. In addition, another reason why it is an ideal hiking route to do with children is that you can stop at the rest areas, springs, etc.

Descubre Sot de Chera | PN3 Paseo Azul Río Sot

Almedíjar – Barranco del Almanzor

Linear family route that will take us from the village to the cork oak forest through the Almanzor ravine. You will pass by the old flour mill and a reconstructed coal kiln, until you reach La Castañera, a monumental chestnut tree about 3km from the starting point with an interesting legend. You will visit one of the densest and most pristine cork oak forests in Spain.

Rutas de los oficios y paisajes del corcho – Almedíjar

Tuéjar – El Azud

The Tuéjar Azud route is located in a town located at the Western edge of the province of Valencia, very close to the border between the Valencian Community and Aragon. One of the most interesting ways to enjoy the fantastic landscapes of this area is the fluvial route, which runs around to El Azud Recreation Area and allows you to observe, among other things, cave paintings and magnificent views of the Tuéjar valley.

Tuéjar Fluvial path to el Azud

Chelva – Ruta del Agua

Water is Chelva’s treasure. Throughout the municipality we can contemplate the crystalline waters of the Chelva river with a pleasant walk along the Ruta del Agua with numerous springs and fountains. Ruta del Agua is a circular tourist itinerary that combines nature and culture in a pleasant walk of approximately two hours with rest areas, ideal for a family outing.

Water Route – Turismo de Chelva

Navajas – Salto de la Novia

Intriguing legends and spectacular scenery: welcome to Salto de la Novia in Navajas. Navajas is a beautiful destination steeped in history where the natural scenery will leave you speechless. Nestled away in a tranquil spot of this inland municipality is a waterfall that is the subject of legend. Salto de la Novia is a magical landscape defined by El Brazal, a waterfall that is an impressive 60m tall: a stunning place to enjoy days out in the great outdoors and, in the summer months, take a refreshing dip.

Beyond its beauty, the waterfall conceals a legend. It is said that many years ago, a bride and groom were forced into an unusual ceremony to prove their love for one another before they made their vows. The bride was to leap across to the opposite bank of the river; if she did not make it, the marriage was destined to fail. Determined to make it across, the bride leapt, but alas she missed her footing and fell in the river. The groom then jumped in to try to save his love, but in the end, both lost their lives. The waterfall is said to represent the bride’s veil.

Ruta de las Fuentes Navajas

Alborache – Ruta de los Molinos

Ruta de los Molinos is a space of undoubted landscape, ecological and cultural value. In addition to its beauty and natural diversity, it is a virgin nature reserve where plants and animals, air, water and land merge into a living and throbbing ecosystem, where you can also find the famous water mills of the Buñol river, some of them recovered and visitable.

La Ruta de Los Molinos | Ayuntamiento de Alborache

Jérica – Vuelta de la Hoz

Approximately one hour’s drive from the capital of Valencia, there is a beautiful natural area next to the town of Jérica, Castellón. It is an easy route to do with children, where you can bathe in the waters of the Palancia River and walk among nature observing impressive views to take good photographs. It is also a great place to enjoy hiking or rock climbing.

La Vuelta de la Hoz, el precioso paraje natural de Jérica

The Waterfalls of Anna

The Route of the 3 Anna waterfalls is one of the most spectacular hiking routes in the province of Valencia, a beautiful 3-kilometer route along the Sellent river (including a visit to Gorgo de la Escalera) in which to enjoy, in the middle of nature, of 3 beautiful waterfalls and a beautiful walk suitable for the whole family.

Take into account that although it is a beautiful route and it is not difficult to do it, it is somewhat technical in several points that can be slippery, humid or with areas where you have to be extremely careful when setting foot, so good hiking shoes are recommended.

La Ruta de las 3 cascadas de Anna

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