Top-5 Hikes in Valencia 2021

Here’s the list of my Top-5 Hikes in Valencia done in 2021. Most of these routes are new discoveries, while others are simply not that well-known gems of the province.

1. El Justal – Sot de Chera

Top-5 Hikes in Valencia - Sot de Chera

The most impressive find for me this year was el Justal trail in Sot de Chera. There are several great trail starting from the town, but this one takes the cake for sure. The route will take you to el Morroncillo with great viewpoint at the top of it. The return to the town is quite scenic as well, especially the final part of it.
Sot de Chera should be mentioned separately as it is one of the prettiest villages in Valencia, although barely known by general public, most likely for its close proximity to Chulilla, which stops explorers from going further.

Tracks: Explore Sot de Chera (El Justal) | AllTrails / Wikiloc | PR-CV 223 El Justal Trail

You can also find the trail here: Descubre Sot de Chera | Sendero El Justal (Morroncillo)

Top-5 Hikes in Valencia - Sot de Chera

2. The Arcos River Canyon – Losilla

Top-5 Hikes in Valencia - Losilla

Located at the very edge of the province of Valencia – in Losilla, which is a neighbourhood of Aras de los Olmos, the hike is a combination of PR-CV 130 and PR-CV 323 routes. The trail will take you down to the river, which is actually already in the Teruel province, and then back up giving you spectacular views of the canyon in the second half. The route is very close to Cuenca as well, and a stone structure indicating the point where three kingdoms used to share a border – “Mojon de Tres Reinos”, can be found here as well.

Tracks: Explore Losilla- Río Arcos | AllTrails / Wikiloc | Losilla – Río Arcos Trail

3. Canyons, Vultures and a Waterfall – Alpuente

Not really a new discovery, but a very scenic trail in the depths of Valencia province that deserves to be mentioned. The trail has everything you would want from a hike – a deep canyon, with vultures nesting on a side of it, right below the Alpuente castle, scenic views and even a small waterfall. And if you are willing to explore, you can even find a medieval aqueduct Los Arcos in and dinosaur footprints in Corcolilla.

Tracks: Explore The Canyon of Alpuente | AllTrails / Wikiloc | The Canyon of Alpuente Trail

Top-5 Hikes in Valencia - Alpuente

4. The Aldaia Trail – Barx

Probably the least recognized trail in this list, although it really deserves to be known. A loop from Barx right behind the Mondúver range is a great route. It gives some great views of the peak from behind, plus it is full of surprises, like the vast range of scenery. The landscape ranges from coastal views, to exposed areas with the views of Mondúver, to areas full of vegetation and plant diversity. All I can say, you’d be surprised with this route!

Tracks: Explore Alto de Aldaia | AllTrails / Wikiloc | Alto de Aldaia Trail

5. Snow Hike – Chelva

And a special one to conclude the list. It snowed quite a lot in the beginning of this year very close to the Mediterranean coast and we got to enjoy this weather phenomenon, so unusual to Valencia. The hike in Chelva had lots of snowballs and full of fun. The route we did was the ascent to Ermita del Remedio, then coming back on the road, which was covered with snow and had no cars. Our main goal was to enjoy walking in snow, and we certainly did!

Check out more photos in our blog: Snow Hike! – Valencia Mountain Enthusiasts

Photos: Catherine Salsbury & Dmitry Blatov

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