Porta Coeli

The monastery of Porta Coeli sits in the Sierra Calderona. Built 1272 (although most its current buildings date from between the 14th and 18th century) it has an aquaduct, gardens and reservoirs in additon to the church and charter houses although most its current buildings date from either the 14th or 18th century and although … Continue reading Porta Coeli

Cueva de Cerdaña

We went to the border of Valenciana and Castelleon to explore the impressive Cueva de Cerdaña as well as see wind turbines and beautiful scenery. We followed parts of the GR7, took some detours and made new four-legged friends.

El Garbí por Cadenas

The viewpoints of El Garbí (Mirador del Grabí) are well known in Comunidad de Valencia for their extensive views of the Sierra Calderona national park and the Valencian coastline, including Sagunt, Valencia and on a clear day the Colunbretes Islands. There are many ways to reach the view point including by car, walking, and the way we chose - the route of the chains.