Estrechos del Ebrón

Estrechos del Ebrón is probably the best hike you can go on from Valencia to appreciate the Autumn colour changes. The route runs along the Ebrón river, which helps the growth of poplar trees, making this a delightful hiking trail.

The trail starts at the very edge of Valencian community – Castielfabib. Actually, to get there you will need to cross either Aragón or Castilla la Mancha lands, as Castielfabib is located in an exclave of Valencian province called Rincón de Ademuz. The first few kilometers are quite easy and go along the gravel roads until you get to the village of El Cuervo. For those who want a shorter route, you can also drive to El Cuervo and start the hike from here.

The hike is 11 kilometers long, but the route is lineal. This means that you will need to leave cars at both ends of the route, or do the hike out and back, for a total of just over 20 kilometres. If you do decide to drive and leave the car at the other end note that the drive goes along a gravel road and will take more than half an hour. The trail itself is quite well signposted and easy to follow. You will leave El Cuervo along gravel roads and soon get on a single track trail that runs along the river.

One of the most photographed parts of the route is the a walkway pinned along the walls of a narrow gorge. This walkway will allow you to make your way through this gorge, while appreciating the views of the river from above. These types of structures are quite typical for Teruel area. On various types of trails you will find them helping you go through a canyon. This way you won’t have to find a way to go up and around the gorge, but just take a shortcut right through. Convenient!

In the middle of the route, the trail starts going up. This will eventually let you take a look at the Ebrón and its canyon and appreciate it fully from the top. The path is quite narrow and sometimes gets close to the edge, so this is something to take into account for people with vertigo. Generally though, there aren’t any dangerous spots anywhere along this route.

Right before arriving at Tormón the path takes you to a beautiful waterfall – Cascada del Calicanto. It is very curious how the river makes steps along its path finishing at this magical corner, full of water. This is definitely a great spot to stop and have lunch for those who are doing an out and back route. But even those who are going one way should take some time to sit down, relax and appreciate the scenery. Some fifteen more minutes of walking and you’ll arrive in Tormón – the end of the route. It will feel great to get a refreshing drink or a coffee after the hike and enjoy the peaceful ambience of this remote village.

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