The Bohilgues Trail

The Bohilgues river, located in Rincón de Ademuz, creates stunning landscape and an ideal scenery for an Autumn hike. The lush vegetation in the area bring a colourful spectacle as the Summer season gives way to its descendant.

The route is quite short, only 8 kilometres, yet it is lineal, so you would need to either leave vehicles at both ends or do it out and back. The best way to start is from the town of Ademuz and head to Vallada, where the route ends. The trail is officially marked as PR-CV 131.6 and is very well signposted, so its easy to hike and follow the signs along the way.

The trail starts with a gentle stroll from Ademuz and brings you close to the Bohilgues river. You will be following the river cause all along the trail, which is what gives the route its charm. Soon you will pass by a small cascade – Fuente del Tío Manzana, a good spot to take some photos. That said, there will be several little waterfalls all along the route and the will get better and better as you move forward.

As stated above, the scenery changes quite a bit in Autumn, as all the poplars and ash trees change their colours, preparing for the change in temperatures. As you hike, you will be accompanied by the sounds of crunching leaves and the murmur of water – great companions on any hike. The trail itself moves forward without much elevation gain. From time to time you might encounter some mud, which is easy to avoid, and cross a small bridge to make your way along both banks of the Bohilgues river.

Soon, you will find a short detour that takes you down to a little pond. This is a great place to take a dip in summer. In general, this route is also a good options for a summer hikes, since you can stop several times to cool down in the fresh waters of Bohilgues river. If it is too cold for a swim, this would make a great place to take a pause and have a snack.

A few minutes later you will find another swimming opportunity – a beautiful waterfall. It is important to pay attention here, so that you don’t miss the waterfall. Right before the trail starts going uphill, for a short and steep ascent, you will need to take a left turn and walk some 100 meters down to the river. If you are doing the trail out and back, this would be a good spot to turn around, as from here the trail goes away from the river and takes you a bit higher. That said, with that you do get better views of the entire gorge, so it might be worthwhile to do the ascent and contemplate the views.

Since Ademuz is somewhat far from Valencia – about 2 hours of driving, it might be a good options to stay here overnight. There is another great trail in the area, which you can read about in our previous blog post – Estrechos del Ebrón. As for accommodation – there are a couple of nice guesthouses right in the town of Ademuz or the nearby village of Castielfabib. But if you are looking for something special – there is an old castle, which has been transformed into a hotel. Located about 30 minutes away from Ademuz by car, already in Cuenca province, La Albacara is a hotel within the old Castle of Moya. The rooms are quite comfortable and modern and the feeling of sleeping in a castle does make the getaway feel special. The castle has been preserved quite well and there is a lot to explore there. The hosts are quite friendly and provide lots of information, and even do a night tour to the old church, located right in front of the hotel.

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